Interior Remodeling – Remodeling Contractor in Miami

miami interior remodeling contractor

Any interior remodeling job big or small requires special attention to details. It is the most important single thing you have to do to ensure a successful interior remodeling job. It is all about considering every single step, every single piece in the puzzle and knowing before hand where exactly everything is going. Coordination of all trades and good planning is also a key factor for a successful interior remodeling [.....]

Demolition Process in an Interior Demolition

miami remodeling contractor demolition

Did you ever wonder how any interior demolition is being done? Just imagine everything inside a property, and that includes all electrical, mechanical and plumbing fixtures and elements being removed in a matter of hours. The mayor difference between an entire building demolition and an interior demolition is the process and time involved in it. For an entire building demolition heavy equipment and speed is required. [.....]

Running Permits at the City of Miami Beach


If you want to get your permits approved at the Building Department of the City of Miami Beach you should be there before 8:00 am. There are usually several people including expeditors waiting in line before the building department opens to get an early number. The City of Miami Beach gives numbers to everyone that is runningĀ  a permit and they will be called in a first come first served [.....]